Jennifer & Scott // OUR WEDDING // Haus 820

It feels so different writing for our blog talking about OUR wedding! We want to go fairly in-depth with this blog post as not only does it give you a glimpse into who we are and our style, but hopefully it serves as a source of inspiration or information that you can apply to your own wedding.

Overall, we knew that we wanted our wedding to have traditional elements but for nothing to be too serious. We wanted to write vows to each other to share our story with the world and you know, vow things to each other. Jennifer cared about decor (Scott didn't have any clue even what anything was going to look like, haha) and florals (story about that later). We both wanted to make sure the reception was a GOOD time. So much so that we actually had our photographer stop her coverage before the dance floor opened and only allowed our family to stay for the first 30 minutes of dancing 😂

We actually didn't send out physical save the dates or invitations (other than to some of our family)! We went digital. Not only to save money, but it gave us the opportunity to personally reach out to all of those who were invited which felt so much more personal and exciting.

So what are those in the photo? One of two copies of a Save the Date and invitation we ordered purely for detail photos, haha. We still needed the detail photos!! Both are Etsy templates that we edited to our liking.

Invitation Template: SplendidMoment on Etsy

Save the Date Template: StudioDawnCo on Etsy

Vow Books (not pictured): WarwickSunday on Etsy

Matching Dress Hangers (not pictured): SydMakes on Etsy

I (Jennifer) feel like my aesthetic has always been consistently inconsistent. Until this day, I love the tone of our florals -- I knew I wanted quicksand roses and similar tones. If I could change anything now, I'd have less greenery and more dried flowers. However, ask me in two years and I'm sure my answer will change again. Beige, white, and those warmer, softer tones have always been my vibe, so that's the consistent part about it, haha.

I chose my own engagement ring (I'm so particular, I knew from day one I was going to be choosing that thing), but we worked together to find bands that we both liked and fit well with my engagement ring! One thing we vowed to each other beforehand was that we weren't going to spend an arm and a leg on our rings. Our styles will change and we want to be able to buy completely different rings in the future! Of course this set will always have a special place in our hearts and we'll own them forever, but we also just want to wear what we want! We aren't very religious or have anything compelling us to do anything otherwise.

Here I am shooting some of our own details for our wedding 😂 How could I not?!

My hair & makeup artists did such a great job! All of my girls loved the outcome. I am personally very particular on how my eye makeup is done and they were so accommodating and understanding. I did do a hair & makeup trial with the same makeup artist (different hair stylist).

Hair & Makeup Artists: Moonstone Artistry

Pajamas: LeRoseGifts on Etsy

Yes, I wore sandals. Scott isn't the tallest (😆) and I knew we'd be walking/standing quite a bit for our day. You couldn't even see my feet, so aesthetically it didn't make a difference!

It did take me quite a while to find my wedding dress. In being in the wedding industry, I'm exposed to SO many dresses! It was so difficult to find one that felt mine and not one similar to what I've seen on someone else. I did personally go to a few different shops before finding the one I chose.

Dress Designer: Allure Couture

Dress Shop: CC's Bridal Boutique

Grandma Gift (not pictured): PeoniesAndBells on Etsy

We knew we wanted Scott's suit to be gray from the beginning! It was either going to be gray or black -- we love the classic look and wanted the color of our wedding show through decor, florals, etc.

Scott mic'ing himself up for our first look! Just one of many times we contributed towards our own photos/video 😂

We had our own videographer, Kenny, film our wedding day with some of our guidance throughout the day. We're sure it was a lot of pressure on him to solo shoot our wedding (neither Scott or myself have even done that). There was a running joke within our wedding party about how Kenny showed up super dapper and clean but ended the night with his bowtie off and beat after a day's work -- hey, our team works hard!

Scott edited our wedding film after the fact. We knew we needed to get our video done within our team. We did look at other videographers but we knew we wanted to tell our own story and have full creative control!

We did hire a photographer, V, and she was amazing! It was so difficult for us to choose a photographer, knowing so precisely what makes a good/bad photographer and photo, as well as what the value is for the service! We did our engagement session with her as well and she nailed everything 🥰

Photography: Photography by V

I was definitely not expecting Scott to tear up or cry during our first look, but hey, here it is!

We did our first look, portraits, and wedding party portraits at the Loggia at Lake Mirror in Lakeland. We personally wanted something more architectural or urban vs park or garden.

Finally to the venue! We toured a few different venues, but finalized Haus 820 due to its modern, industrial look. We love some brick walls, but their white brick walls makes their space an empty canvas waiting to be made into art!

Venue: Haus 820

Gift to Dad (cufflinks): PaperAvenueShop on Etsy

Gift to Dad (print): TheLittlePaperBoat on Etsy

Haus 820 comes with black chairs but we really wanted to add a little bit of color/warmth to the space so we decided to rent farm chairs with ivory cushions. I've actually always loved hexagons and the hexagon-arch trend was up and coming when we were planning our wedding!

Hexagon Arch: Traditions Rentals

Farm Chairs, Farm Tables, Chargers, Goblets, & Flatware: Kate Ryan Event Rentals

Our welcome table! Such a simple table but when you're planning your wedding to a tee, you need to think about all these little details and aesthetics that really add up! We did hire a coordinator, not a full-service planner, so a lot of the design and planning was all us! Our wedding coordinator executed our vision and ensured everything we planned came into fruition!

Coordinator: Envy Lifestyle & Event Design

Welcome Sign Cloth: GloryTradition on Etsy

Guestbook: PaperPeachShop on Etsy

We purchased a lot of the frames, votives, etc., but did rent some as well! We had a little station with masks and hand sanitizer because our wedding was still a little bit in COVID time, although to be frank, the utilization of those items didn't last too long 😅

Our ceremony space! Haus 820 is such a large venue and we only had about 90 guests, so we had a lot of flexibility on how we wanted to arrange things. We're so happy with the overall look and we're also happy we decided to get ceiling draping because it gives it that little extra touch!

Rug & Sweetheart Chairs: The Copper Acorn (no longer in business)

Draping: Premier Party Rentals

Here feels like a good time to tell you our florist story. If you're a vendor reading this, you may be familiar, but at the time we were planning our wedding, there was a florist in the area who was known for gorgeous boho-like florals. I loved their work and many people raved about how great they were! We booked with them but just a little bit over a month before our wedding day, they started ghosting brides due to some internal issues and essentially left their couples, including us, in the dust. As I mentioned earlier, decor and florals were something I specifically cared a lot about! We invested over $3K with them (all paid). Luckily our bank was in our favor and we got our money back, but of course, we were just about a month out from our wedding with no florist! It wasn't easy, but I'm so happy we found one that also understood my vision and was able to accommodate us.

Florist: Passe Design

We had our good friend from college, Quan, officiate our wedding. It feels so personal and close-to-home when you have a close friend or family member officiate your wedding. Of course, there are amazing officiants out there you can hire, but as I mentioned, we weren't too serious -- we just wanted someone who could tell our story, some tidbits about us, get a laughter or two out of our guests, and pronounce us married! Don't get us wrong, everything was still official! It's strangely easy to get that certification.

Our. Bartenders. One of the biggest compliments we received after the wedding was how great our bartenders were!! Most of our guests were our college friends so the bar was their best friend. Our guests knew our bartenders by name and everything.

Fun Fact: Our bartenders came up to us towards the end of cocktail hour and told us they were running out of alcohol 😂 They asked if we wanted them to go get more and we already knew we had to, haha. They were so nice and respectful about it, too, knowing to also inform us how payment would work and all of that. 800000% recommend!! Such great people and service.

Bartenders: Spunky Spirits

The reception space! We repurposed our ceremony arch and had it placed behind our sweetheart table. The chairs were placed at the tables as well. They essentially needed to do a half-room flip - so much easier than a full one!

We decided to go with a mixture of farm tables with runners + round tables with tablecloths. I'm so glad we did -- I love the variety that the two different table types created.

The amount of time I took to determine what I wanted the tables to look like... I knew I wanted it to be floral heavy and a decent amount of candles. I think candles add sooo much to the look of your space. We did provide all of the pillar candles + vases. We bought them online from Dollar Tree!

I'm so happy with the little details that made up the look -- the blue goblets, gold silverware, gold-rimmed charger, etc.

Menu Template: blanchepaperie on Etsy

Handmade Paper Name Cards: Yellow Rose Calligraphy on Etsy

Table Numbers, Dessert Table Sign, & Guestbook Sign: thecreativestandard on Etsy

Hexagon Centerpiece: FleurStudiosCo on Etsy

Bar Sign & Seating Chart (not pictured): WoodlandCustomDesign on Etsy

Our coffee cart! We worked with Blind Tiger before in photographing some of their products, coffees, shops, etc. so it wasn't too difficult to get them onboard to work our wedding. I knew I wanted some sort of interactive cart/truck and with how much our guests liked to drink, coffee was the perfect option! There were also tea lattes and other similar drinks, too!

Coffee Cart: Blind Tiger Coffee Roasters (they have a few different locations throughout Tampa!)

My sweet tooth knew I needed a quality dessert table. I love, love the look of the table and everything tasted amazing. As I knew it would ... because I sampled everything beforehand and made sure there were some for me to take home after the wedding 😂

Cake, cake pops, & macarons: Le Petit Sweets

Mini cakes (tres leches, oreo, & tiramisu): Frida's Bakery & Cafe

Cake Topper: Rawkrft on Etsy

Here's where we talk about our amazing caterers, Olympia Catering. Like ... seriously. Of course, we loved all of our vendors, but Olympia truly went above and beyond for our wedding. We loved our taste testing with them and left feeling so confident about our choice in catering. Their team worked so hard to ensure that everything looked perfect -- even the dessert table full of desserts that I didn't order from them! We received so many compliments about how amazing our food was. Not even just the entree, but the cocktail hour appetizers as well. We know that food is one of those more memorable points for guests, so of course we were so happy to hear that we at least nailed that one, haha.

I could not recommend Olympia Catering more. We had a plated meal and everyone was fed so quickly with no errors - just perfection all around!!

Caterer: Olympia Catering

Our unpracticed, uncoordinated, but happy and meaningful first dance 😆

There are two more vendors we need to rave about before we shut up!

First is our photobooth, I Heart Photo Bomb. Firstly, it was a no-brainer when we picked their company because the quality of their photos is just so crisp. As photographers, how were we going to have some blurry photobooth photos?! They were so easy to work with before the wedding as we planned our backdrop and custom design for the strips. On the day of the wedding ... wow! So professional, friendly, and generous. We didn't know we'd receive a copy of every strip that we were a part of throughout the night! They just handed us a large stack at the end and we were so pleasantly surprised. We were so glad to have them a part of our day.

Photobooth: I Heart Photo Bomb

And secondly, our DJ! We met DJ XPLICID at a wedding a couple years prior to our own and we were instantly impressed. He's not your typical wedding DJ -- well, because he truly is more than that. A real DJ with mixes, traditions, etc. He played genres that we loved and we knew we wanted to work with him. He's so friendly and easy to work with and he definitely kept our dance floor full which was so important to us!