Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If your question isn’t answered below, be sure to mention it in the comments of our quote form, or schedule a phone call here!

We prefer and recommend it!  Our first interaction on your wedding day is much more comfortable when we get the opportunity to meet first, but sometimes a meeting doesn’t fit in the schedule and that’s totally understandable.  All of our packages include a pre-wedding meeting and we like to meet 1-3 weeks prior to your wedding.  If you’re opting for an audio-only interview for voiceovers in your film, this would also be the time we conduct that interview.  We will also cover your wedding day timeline and/or any preferences you have for your film.  

Our preferred method of payment is PayPal, but if you do not have PayPal or need to use a different method just let us know.  We cannot accept Venmo or similar apps.

We use Sony 4K cameras, wide and long lenses – to capture an overall perspective and a close-up perspective, gimbals (stabilizers), professional recorders, professional lighting equipment, monopods, and tripods. We take pride in the fact that we carry very minimal items to a wedding! It’ll never look like we’re dragging around some huge video contraption; modern technology is getting smaller and smaller!

We’re calm, collected, and in absolutely no rush throughout your wedding day (but also pride ourselves in being speedy).  For the most part, a great film needs candid moments and emotions; so do your thing and we’ll be there to film it!  We’re very open and willing to direct when needed.  Photographers tend to be dominant throughout the wedding day, which we’re 100% comfortable with, but we’ll pop in every now and then if we’re in need of anything different.

A bit more detail on the different parts of the day–

Getting ready: For grooms, you can expect the shots to be directed for the most part.  We want to see the Best Man or groomsmen help with the getting ready process, too.  For brides, we mostly want candid.  We want to see mom, Maid of Honor, and other bridesmaids in the getting ready process, too and will direct this if your photographer hasn’t done so already.  We also spend some time, typically before recording any getting ready, to capture details like the dress, rings, flowers, invitation, and others.

Ceremony: Jennifer stands at the top of the aisle for processional and the bottom of the aisle for recessional, but at all other times, both of us will be on the sides.  We never want to be a distraction to your guests, so we don’t move around unless really necessary, and don’t use any gimbals throughout the ceremony.

Photos: We typically don’t cover family photos, but we get lots of shots of you two together, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the wedding party overall.  We’ll work off of your photographer for some shots, but we also have our own, directed shots that really separate us from other videographers and add to the overall cinematic feel to our films.

Reception: Scott uses his gimbal (camera stabilizer) throughout most of the reception.  The fun stuff = the most opportunity for motion, cinematic shots.  Jennifer stays stationary, getting close-up shots of dancing, speeches, and other events.  We ask to eat dinner at the time your guests eat and don’t be surprised or concerned if we sit down for a few minutes during your open dancing.  Don’t worry, we’re always ready for when something crazy may happen!  We leave when the craziness starts to die down, or when you have a grand exit.

We have a 5-6 week turnaround time. Anything longer than that would only be for weddings that may need additional filming dates, a more complicated editing style, or that fall within the holiday season.

Yes, we love to travel! Locations 30 miles or nearer from Tampa there is no additional cost. Locations in Florida but farther than 30 miles will require additional travel fees. New York City weddings also have no additional cost. Contact us for wedding costs outside of Florida/NYC.

We require a 25% non-refundable retainer to secure your wedding date. The purpose of this retainer is to offset any loss of work if you were to cancel for any reason.

Yes! We are very open to adjusting our package options to fit your wants, needs, and budget. Keep in mind that the location(s) of your wedding, popularity of your wedding date, and other factors may affect our ability to do that.  We also offer special packages for weddings happening with the next 3 weeks or during the slow season (June, July, and August).

Due to copyright restrictions and other factors, we cannot give couples complete control over song choice(s).  A month prior to your wedding day when we contact you to schedule a meeting, we will cover song preferences and work with you to find the perfect music for your film!  Keep in mind that popular radio songs will not be permitted due to copyright (and the use of these songs would also impact your ability to post on social media as well).

Yes! We carry full liability insurance. Proof of insurance can be sent by request.