Hi there!  We’re Jennifer & Scott – the co-owners of J&S Media.  We’re a “husband and wife” team (except we’re not quite married yet; 6 years strong, though!), with Scott being the main cinematographer and Jennifer being the secondary cinematographer and your point-of-contact through booking and planning.  We also tag-team edit every wedding film for double the creativity and vision!

(1) We own two cats – Leo & Liza!  We unexpectedly adopted both of them when going to buy goldfish.
(2) We both graduated from the University of South Florida, studying Film, Psychology, & Advertising.
(3) Our favorite place is New York City; we offer awesome deals for NYC weddings, just for an excuse to go!
(4) We have an unhealthy obsession with ordering UberEats, DoorDash, or Postmates while editing wedding films.
(5) Scott developed an interest for film in 2008 and filmed his first wedding in 2011.
(6) Jennifer also does graphic and web design and does both for J&S.

(1) We love telling love stories! No story is the same and we love hearing and showcasing them.
(2) Weddings are fun! Different cultures, food, themes, etc. makes each experience new and unique.
(3) We’re good at it; with many weddings under our belts, we’ve learned how to successfully film and tell a story.
(4) The industry; networking with vendors and joining forces to create an awesome wedding will never get old.
(5) For us to get ideas of our own! Hey, we’ll be in your shoes one day and we want some inspiration!