J&S Media is a videography/cinematography duo (J&S: Jennifer and Scott) based out of Tampa, Florida.   We have a combined 11 years of experience, with Scott starting film upon graduating high school and Jennifer midway through college.

We specialize in wedding films, but love doing all types of film!  Anything dealing with a camera, we’re passionate about.  It’s our hobby and our career.  We spend our free time researching new camera technology and editing techniques then go to work in utilizing that knowledge.

We’re a creative couple who enjoys working together.  We’re a “husband and wife team,” and have put a lot of time and effort into finding how we work best together.  We compliment each other well and have different strengths and skillsets that enables us to be a strong and skilled team.



Director, Videographer, Editor


Videographer, Designer, PR


01. Our ability to tell a story.  We don’t just throw clips into our computer and whip out a video; we dedicate our time and efforts into creating a movie to showcase your story/event.

02. We’re educated.  Both Scott & Jennifer graduated from the University of South Florida studying Film, Psychology, Communications, and Advertising.  Our education helps us provide quality work and professional communication.

03. Our turnaround time.  All of our wedding film packages offer a 3-4 week turnaround time; one of the fastest you’ll see!

04. We’re flexible with pricing.  We understand being on a budget.  To the best of our ability, we’ll try our best to adjust our packages to create something you can afford!


⭐️ What equipment do you use?  We use Sony 4K cameras, Sony lenses (wide and long), Sigma lenses, a DJI 4K drone, gimbals (stabilizers), professional microphones/recorders, professional lighting equipment, monopods, and tripods.

⭐️ How long is your turn around time?  We have an average 3-4 week turnaround time.  Anything later than that would only be for weddings that may need additional filming dates or a more complicated editing style.

⭐️ Do you travel and does it cost extra?  Yes, we love to travel!  Locations 75 miles or nearer from Tampa there is no additional cost.  Locations in Florida but farther than 75 miles will require additional travel fees.  Contact us for destination wedding costs.

⭐️ Do you require a deposit?  We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure a wedding date.  The purpose of this deposit is to offset any loss of work if you were to cancel for any reason.  We are open to payment plans on the deposit if needed.

⭐️ Will we meet you before the wedding day?  Often times our couples feel comfortable enough with our online communication that we don’t need to meet up before completing the booking process. However, we are more than happy to meet up if you are less than 50 miles away or Skype/FaceTime if you’re farther than 50 miles.  Whether we meet before the completion of the booking process or not, we require a small meet-up a few weeks before the wedding. This meeting is important to put names to faces, get to know each other a bit better, and for us to get a better understanding of your story and personalities.

⭐️ What can we expect on the day of the wedding?  As our packages are full day coverage, you can expect us to visit both the bride and groom at their getting ready locations for roughly 30-45 minutes of filming.  Some of this will be us capturing moments as they are happening while some will be shots that we direct.  We head to the ceremony location ~an hour prior to the start of the ceremony to set up our cameras and audio.  Part of the audio setup is putting a lavalier microphone on both the groom and the officiant.  We stay relatively hidden throughout the ceremony to avoid being a distraction to your guests.  We arrive early to the reception as well to set up and get detail shots.  Any photoshoots that may happen throughout the day we also cover.  For the most part we want to capture in-the-moment, candid moments, however we will direct a few shots as well.



Bayanihan Arts and Events Center

Morean Center For Clay

Clearwater Beach

Anna Marie Island

Crystal Ballroom

St. Pete Beach Community Center

Philippe Park

Harrington House B&B

Largo Central Park Feed Store

Spartan Manor


St. Paul’s Catholic Church

Espiritu Catholic Church

Holy Faith Catholic Church

Saint Timothy’s Catholic Church

St. Mary’s Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

St John the Evangelist Catholic Church