As the Maid of Honor stated in her speech – Roni & Bret are two unicorns who met in the middle of the desert!  Their story is beyond unique and their connection is unlike any other.  Check out Roni’s yoga studio, Bella Prana, where their multiple-room reception was held!  And we can’t fail to mention the awesome sushi buffet!


We had the amazing opportunity to film Kim & Bob, a couple from the Netherlands.  It was a beautiful beach wedding that took place in Anna Marie Island.  You can see one of their Dutch traditions showcased in the video: Bob coming to pick up his bride with all of their family present.




Brenda & Sam’s wedding at Covington Farms was breathtaking to say the least.  Their decor, senses of humor, love for each other, and love for their families truly shaped the outcome of their wedding day and made it a beautiful occasion that we’re thankful to be a part of.




We loved Kristen & Greg’s story and how unique their wedding was!  The decor of their reception was very modern – brick walls, hanging lights; and they had an ice cream sandwich cutting instead of the traditional cake.  Their calm, yet fun, personalities created a great atmosphere for everyone there.
Featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay.

(This film incorporates cinematic music & voiceovers.)



Held at The Magnolia Building in Lakeland, Kamalie & Jaren’s wedding was one filled with so much love and joy. We can’t fail to mention some cool details like their 8-bit wedding cake sign and the confetti party on the dance floor!

(This film incorporates a normal song.  This is by request only – our default is cinematic music with voiceovers.  Choosing a popular song may require additional fees due to licensing.)



Our 2017 Wedding Reel: In January of 2017, we decided to start doing wedding videography full-time.  We upgraded our equipment, got our drone, and had the opportunity to film so many diverse weddings!


Our Favorite Project: In May of 2017, we got the opportunity to travel to New York City!  With the endless beautiful sights throughout the city, there was no doubt that we had to document our trip and everything a part of it.


Our 2016 Highlight Reel: With new years, come new weddings. We’ve had an amazing time filming each of these weddings—the different styles and cultures keep us excited and motivated at each and every wedding.


Have an event you want to be covered? We can take care of that for you! We capture every detail of your event from start to finish. We have covered various events and festivals all over Florida.  Click here to check out the videos we’ve made for the Heart Gallery of Tampa!