Groom’s location (order dependent on location[s]): We arrive to the groom’s getting ready location 10-15 minutes early to drone the area (if applicable).  For the most part, we like to capture candid moments while getting ready – but if needed, we will direct some shots or give you pointers to help us and your photographer get the shots we need.  Example pointers: put on your coat, tie, shoes, etc. in slow motion; stand near the window for natural lighting.  We may set up or use lights if the room does not have enough light.  We typically spend 30-45 minutes at the groom’s location.

Bride’s location: We then head over the bride’s getting ready location and drone the surrounding area there as well (if applicable).  Same concept — mostly candid, but some directed shots and pointers if needed.  We typically spend 30-45 minutes at the bride’s location as well.


Before it starts: We set up a couple of tripods and cameras, drone the ceremony location, and put small, clip-on microphones on the groom and the officiant.  We also get detail shots of the location as well.

Beginning of the ceremony: One of our videographers (Jennifer) will be standing at the end of the aisle (on the side where the bride and groom will be standing) to capture the bridal party coming down the aisle, then will move to the side of room once the bride is with the groom.

During the ceremony: We try our best to remain hidden and off to the side.  Our go-to is forming an “X” (one camera on the side facing the bride, one camera on the side facing the groom) and having one camera in the back.  This may change depending on the setup and duration of your ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony: One videographer will relocate to the back to get the bridal party walking back down the aisle.


Cocktail Hour: One videographer is typically covering cocktail hour.  We like to use this time to capture some of the emotions of your guests and get footage of them having a good time.  Coverage of cocktail hour is limited, as only a little bit of it will be used in the film, but if you’d like more footage let us know.

Photoshoot: We will cover some of the photoshoot, but it’s simply not needed that we cover it all.  More than likely shots of you with Uncle Bob, then Aunt Jane, then your cousin Ron, then your 2nd cousin Karen aren’t going to make your final cinematic film.  What is most important for us during the photoshoot is footage with your direct families, bridal party, and you two by yourselves.

Our Ceremony Positions | The red dot is one videographer (Jennifer) at the beginning of the ceremony.  The blue dots are the three different camera angles during the majority of the ceremony.


The beginning and the core of reception: All videographers are present and capturing every moment.  We have one stationary videographer (Jennifer) and another (Scott) who will be moving around with a camera on a stabilizer to get some of the more cinematic shots.  We get both camera angles (and sometimes a third on a tripod if deemed necessary) for all of the important events of your reception: entrances, dances, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, etc.  Depending how dark it gets, we may set up lights on light stands in a corner or near a wall in the room.

During dinner: We like to eat our dinner near the main reception area so that we’re aware of when any events start back up.

During open dancing: Open dancing, depending on the wedding, can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  The amount of open dancing shots in our shorter films are typically 10 seconds to 30 seconds.  This means that we simply don’t need to film every second of open dancing. We will be around and aware if Uncle Bob decides to breakdance or if you and your partner start doing the Cha Cha Slide, don’t worry!  Don’t be alarmed if we use some of the time during open dancing to grab a drink or sit down for a few.  If you’d like more footage of open dancing whether for your film or raw footage, let us know.


As we do full day coverage, no need to worry whether or not we’ll miss your exit!  If you have an exit of some sort, we will be there to capture it all and wave goodbye as you leave 🙂